Modern Sofa Trends

Sofas are often the main focus of a room. Whether in a home, a lobby, a lounge, a restaurant, or an office, sofas are where people congregate, socialize, and relax.

Keeping up with modern sofa trends can be difficult, especially as you may not want to replace your sofa each year to fit in with new styles! Choosing the right sofa with characteristics that match your decor is key for ensuring it stays on trend for years to come.

Contemporary Sofa Trends

Accent Colours
Using accent colours in rooms has been a longstanding furniture trend for years now. It helps draw the eye to a specific area of the room and draw attention to a piece. It can also be a good way to create cohesiveness in a room and tie decor together.

Recently, it has become a trend to make the sofa the accent piece in a room. Having a neutral colour scheme with a pop of colour in the sofa creates a unique look for a room. It adds texture, depth, and boldness to a room as it is impossible to miss a brightly coloured sofa among a neutral colour scheme.

A bright orange couch surrounded by grey furniture, or a bright purple sofa in a white room make your space modern, luxurious, and memorable to all who visit. A single piece of furniture can create a brand new aesthetic in an otherwise neutral room.

Rich Texture
Texture on sofas is a key modern furniture trend in 2018. Being able to differentiate textures in a room is important for creating depth, and a large sofa or loveseat is a great way to add a lot of texture to your furniture.

This can be done by simply choosing materials with a unique texture – leather, tweed, wool, and leatherette, for example, are all visual materials that provide a unique texture to couches. Texture can also involve features on the couch, such as tufting, seams, and cushions.

Sectional Sofas
Sectional sofas are becoming more and more popular as people find new and unique ways to use them in different spaces. Sectional sofas were once thought to only be for large living rooms, but now, new types of modern sectional sofas are different shapes, allowing them to be used in smaller spaces, lobbies, and as room dividers.

Sectional sofas are great for areas with a lot of visitors. Whether you have a big family who need places to sit in your den, or you’re a restaurant catering to large parties, sectional sofas can be the answer. Modern sectional sofas have different shapes, with longer or shorter chaises which are sometimes reversible, higher backs, and more cushioning.

Geometry is often a trend in modern furniture, and modern sofa trends fit in here. Creating an aesthetic of geometric shapes in a room with tables, decor, throw rugs, and chairs can be tied together with a large sofa.

Modern sofas with straight, rectangular lines can fit into a geometric scheme very well. Ensuring all lines are straight, such as the Divan Sofa, help contrast other shapes in the room. When using a geometric aesthetic, you need to ensure that all your pieces fit in and create their own shapes.

A focus on family, friends, and the home in recent years has made comfort a pillar of modern sofa trends. Having deep cushions, thick backs, many pillows and throws, and soft materials is a modern sofa trend that we can get behind after a long day